Kalinchok - Source of Sunkosi - 4 Day Trek


Approximately 3 ½ hour Land Rover drive out of the valley and down to Dolalghat and then over to join the Sunkosi. Two hours brings us to the Bridge and the amazingly engineered Swiss built road 5,000 ft. up from the river. Just before we stop, the road passes through a large maintenance area where rock is still being dug out for the Jiri road. Start, 8,500 ft. The trail climbs away from a couple of modest houses through scrub rhododendron. Reasonably steep for 1 ½ hours which brings us to the first day camp. Water available near by all year round. Approx. 9,800 ft. Note: In view of the short first day not necessary to have an early start from Kathmandu. 9:00 to 9:30 would be fine.


One hour up through rhododendron and conifer there is another camp area which could be used on day one. A couple of hours for exploration in the Spring (rhododendron and Daphne abound) would be well spent. Another hour of contouring east and another clearing is reached - excellent lunch spot - 2 hours. Half an hour through some grazing areas, then a couple of hours along and up before a steep climb up the side of a valley. After red, pink and white rhododendrons near the top - a purple flowering tree. At the top is a Chorten - good views south - 2 ½ hours. A final steep climb brings us to a crest and a view across the valley to Kalinchok hill. We drop down to camp in the valley. Altitude 11,250 ft./3450 meters. Walking total = 5 hours. Total with stops 7 hours.


Packed lunch due to lack of water today. Steep 1 ¼ hours up to the Kalinchok 12,250 ft. a scrap yard of Tridents. If the weather is good it is all suddenly very worthwhile - views from Langtang to Gaurishanker - Melamchi - Lobuche - Ramdung - Tashi Lapcha - Numbur. Across an iron bridge then half an hour north along the ridge before the path moves to the west flank, then back again then down through rhododendron (and snow in April). Another 1 ¼ hours not counting stay time at Kalinchok. Another half hour along, up, down and some shepherds grazing huts on a col provides an excellent spot to eat our packed lunch. Total 3 hours. Surprise half hour down steep scree, then along and up and back on this marvelous but endless ridge. After another two hours we drop onto open grazing ground at Tinsang La 10,800 ft. Then it is half an hour steeply down to the first open grazing ground with water and which offers the first potential campsite. - wobbly knees. Another hour down to a spot at 9,200 ft. Fairly long hard day at altitude. Total 4 hours. For day - 7 hours. With stops - 9 hours.


The long downhill to Barabise a vertical drop of some 6500 ft. but full of interest ass the trek gets back to villages, people and farming. High up Sherpas, then Tamangs, then near Barabise Chettris and Bahuns. Two sessions of about 3 hours with a lunch stop get us down to Barabise 2,625 ft. around 2:30 p.m. where our transport meets us for the return journey to Kathmandu some 2 ½ hours away. Notes: 1. Due to lack of water on the Kalinchok ridge it is difficult to split day 3. Day 4 could be broken down leaving two hours or so down to Barabise on day 5. 2. Day 3 is quite hard and at altitude for most of the day. 3. A less demanding trek could be planned returning south after visiting Kalinchok to the road at Charikot. This can be reached in about 3 hours.